Garmeh Village

 Garmeh is an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, (known as Dashte-Kavir in Persian). Garmeh  is east of  Esfahan Province, and  located at the south of the Khur city, the distance from Khur to Garmeh is 35 km. The central mountain ranges of Iran, which are predominantly isolated oasis type mountains which run through the desert territory of Iran, are close by. The town’s only water source and therefore a lifeline comes from a spring that flows out of the foothills of the aforementioned mountains quite close to the heart of the village. This is the only source of life for the gardens and Date Palm orchards that make this oasis such a special place. As far as we know it has been thus for several thousand years.

The documented history of human settlement in the area was as far back as 4000 years ago, but there exists some relatively reliable evidence that suggests human habitation as far back as 7000 years ago. The main activity for the natives during this incredibly long period had been some form of agriculture and wresting sustenance out of the harsh and unforgiving conditions that are the reality of this land.

Garmeh historical village


During more recent historical times (from about 2000 years ago), the oasis was placed on the main route of the of the famous Silk Road and therefore the main trading route between China and Europe. Consequently, many travelers have passed through the area.  A famous Persian poet, philosopher and adventurer by the name of Nasser Khosro passed through the area about 950 years ago and has mentioned the area in his travel writing. This is very well known for all literate Persian readers. As an example of the more well known European travelers of the last few centuries; one can mention the names of Seven Hedin and Alfonse Gabriel who visited Garmeh about a century ago.


Garmeh village