Anarak Town

 This name is quoted from the meaning of small pomegranate in Farsi (Anar). This city was named as Narosineh for over than 200 years. Anarak is in 1520 meters height from the sea surface. This region is in the second period of geology that contains 5 million years old fossils. anorak has perennially wind that makes fresh and pleasant nights.
Anarak town

Anarak Town

Anarak has many mines of Gold, Copper,  Zinc, Silver, Ferro and… . Nakhlak plumb mine is 2500 years old. In Hakamenian age this mine was exploiting more.

This city regarding historical documentation is 400 and regarding west to eastern north of Iran way is 1500 years old.

This city has 3 types architecture: from Safavi age, one room architecture; from Qajar age, 4 balcony   architecture; from recent century a different architecture.

The city is surrounded by 3 conical mountain that at the top of each one an old tower can be seen that some days was for guiding and some days was for security guarding.

Anorak city  has a Guest House “caravanserai”, firefighting, emergency, sewage system, library, museum and entertainment.


Sunset time in Anarak